To organize your wedding from a distance: follow the guide!

You live in Paris or elsewhere and have always dreamed of getting married with your feet in the water? Impossible for you to imagine getting married anywhere else than in the region where you grew up, hundreds of kilometers away from here? Getting married far from home, you’ve thought about it. But how do you go about it and where do you start when a few hundred or even thousands of kilometers separate you from the place of reception of your dreams? Thanks to a few tips, nothing could be easier! From now on, nothing obliges you to celebrate your wedding in your city of residence. Today, I give you all my wedding planner tips to organize your wedding at a distance. Follow the guide!

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Tip #1: Take the time
Whether it is at a distance or at your home, organizing your wedding takes a lot of time. Generally speaking, you need no less than 250 hours of work to research, call, visit, plan, etc…. So when it has to be organized a few hundred kilometers away, it is hours sitting in front of a computer with the phone in your hand that you will need. So it’s better to plan even more time! Ideally, I advise you to count between 18 and 24 months of preparation to organize your wedding remotely in the best conditions.

Tip #2: Use new technologies
Today, new technologies allow us to easily reduce distances. Between Internet, telephone, webcams and other conversation tools, it will be easy for you to discover a place as if you were there or to visually exchange with your DJ (and even see him mix for you!). No need to move around anymore. With a good Internet connection, it is quite possible to manage appointments from your couch!

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Tip #3: Listen only to you
Very important advice: Listen to your desires and those of your lover(s). If you have always dreamed of getting married at the seaside, in a pretty estate, in the vineyards, at your parents’ house… Even if it is hundreds of kilometers away, don’t let anyone tell you that it is not possible! With time, ideas and organization, everything is possible! This day will remain engraved in your memories for the rest of your life. Take the time to think about it and make your dream come true.

Tip #4: Delegate the organization of your wedding
I’m sure you’re already thinking, “No, I don’t like to delegate! “. But the distance makes this step mandatory. It is quite difficult if not impossible to manage everything by yourself while being miles away. You will have to trust the opinion of your family and friends, the comments you find on the internet, the photos you can find on social networks. Don’t hesitate to play the conductor, and ask the members of your entourage who will be very happy to help you.

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Tip #5: Use an on-site wedding planner
I can’t give you better advice than to use a wedding planner. Indeed, there is nothing better than having a reference person on site to organize everything. Moreover, to avoid asking your mother to visit the place in your place or to organize your decoration (to your taste of course….) the ideal is to call upon the services of a professional wedding planner on the spot. Expert of her region, she will be able to propose you her local address book and carry out all the steps and visits for you and in your place. To organize your wedding at a distance, you must refer to someone you trust. To address a wedding planner is the assurance of having only one interlocutor but also the guarantee of a professional job well done. Share with her your desires, your ideas and your budget, she will orchestrate your wedding with the greatest care. She will act as a relay between the service providers and you, and will be the guardian of your ideas and your desires.

Don’t hesitate any longer, go for it! Today everything is possible! I am wedding planner in Bordeaux, Arcachon basin and all Aquitaine. Whether you are 10 or 900 kilometers away, I help you organize the wedding of your dreams in this beautiful region. A cocktail with your feet in the water, a secular ceremony on the beach with your hair in the wind, a dinner with a view on the vineyards of Bordeaux, Tell me about your project and let’s imagine together your tailor-made wedding.

Are you still afraid to organize your wedding from a distance or are you ready to realize the wedding of your dreams?

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