Wedding planner: 8 good reasons to use her services for your wedding

Extendable to-do-lists, reminders that invade the fridge, back-planning and a full agenda: the organization of a wedding can be a real obstacle course and can sometimes take on the air of project management. Your little girl’s dream can turn into a nightmare. And it’s not easy to take care of all that when you already have a full life. Wedding planning doesn’t stop at the choice of the venue and the caterer. There are 1000 little things still to be done that will take you no less than 250 hours of work. I let you imagine how many weekends you will spend hanging on the phone and on your computer screen.

And then you wonder how you’re going to manage it all. All these preparations are already stressing you out and you’re really scared you won’t make it. Being alone (or almost alone!) with so much to do makes you want to drop everything. So if you came across this article, it’s because you’re looking for a solution to relieve yourself of all this, a solution to help you and accompany you. You’ve heard of someone who could do all this, who could meet these needs.

Yet you are still hesitating to take the step. This person is the wedding planner, the little fairy of the organization, the conductor of your wedding. She is there to take charge of all or part of the organization of your beautiful day by taking care of all the administrative, practical and functional tasks of your wedding. With a wedding planner at your side, all you will have to do is say “yes” or “no” and make the decisions. All you need to do is say “yes” or “no” and make the decisions. It’s a great way to take a big thorn out of your side and stay Zen! So to help you make your decision, today I would like to share with you the 8 good reasons to use a wedding planner to organize your wedding.


Time saving

No more hours spent on the phone or blogging for ideas and perfect providers. Your wedding planner will do it for you. Have a good time and enjoy your entourage while she goes in search of the perfect venue, the perfect photographer and the caterer that will delight your taste buds. You will be able to take care of yourself and prepare yourself for this great event by doing sports, spa sessions with friends, trying on dresses without worrying about the rest. Your wedding planner is there and manages for you!


Saving money

You’re probably thinking, how can a wedding planner make me money when I have to add it to my list of providers to pay? Well first of all by offering you services that are as close as possible to your budget. Its main objective is to respect your initial budget. No bad surprises at the end of the preparations, your wedding planner is responsible for your wallet. And then, thanks to her well-filled address book and the commercial relations she has with them, she will inevitably have better negotiated prices than if you went directly through them.


A flawless organization

Your wedding planner is a pro at organization. She has a whole range of tools to help you manage your wedding. These are tools that will help you to follow the retro-planning, to control the expenses thanks to the follow-up of the budget but also to make the list of your guests or organize the seating plan. All this is made available to you by your wedding planner.


Good addresses to meet all your needs

Your wedding planner will open its professional address book. Reception venue, caterer, DJ, decorator… Everything is there and everything is waiting for you! But also outstanding service providers such as musicians, photo-combis, culinary entertainers or adventure tellers. According to your needs and your budget, your wedding planner will pull out the right cards to organize the wedding of your dreams. Your wedding planner spends a lot of time selecting quality providers, meeting them, getting to know them to propose you only providers she trusts and keeps her blacklist of those to be avoided at all costs!


The number one enemy of your preparations is stress. This ugly little anguish that eats away at you, wakes you up at night, and puts water in the gas between you, your lover and your family. So many questions to which you still don’t have answers, so many things to do on your To-do-list of the day …. Don’t panic! Your wedding planner is at your side to relieve you of all that and help you get rid of that nasty stress. She is your partner, your double, your support, your concrete wall. Stress is her business! Count on her to answer all your questions and find solutions.

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